About Us

We value character. So, the stories we want to tell are character-driven stories that appeal to a mainstream audience. Think “Juno”, “Working Girl”, “50/50”, “Boyz N The Hood”, “Tootsie”, “You Can Count On Me”, “Race”, “The Ides of March”, “Bottle Rocket”, or “A Few Good Men”. On that list you’ll find a wide variety in budget, genre, even time period – but the one thing that each of those stories has in common is an impeccable sense of character.

It was character that first drew us together when we started as a theater company, and it’s character that remains the backbone of what we continue to do today. And let’s be clear – for us, character-driven doesn’t mean art house. For us, character-driven doesn’t mean obscure. Because even as we so highly value craft, and cherish craftsmen and women of the highest order, we consider ourselves entertainers first and foremost. So for us, character-driven must also mean accessible to mainstream audiences.

The founders of this company, all of whom spent a great deal of time learning our respective crafts, set out to build a company that values like-minded, equally dedicated artists. We believe that in a collaborative art form like film, the only way for people to do their best work is if they feel safe and comfortable with their fellow collaborators. So for us, Footprint must also be a safe haven for world-class talents to work, play and explore together. Because we believe if artists have fun when they make the movie, audiences will have fun when they watch it.