About Us

We value character. So, the stories we want to tell are character-driven stories that appeal to a mainstream audience.

It was character that first drew us together when we started as a theater company, and it’s character that remains the backbone of what we continue to do today.

We are motivated to tell these character-driven stories through genres of comedy, drama and thriller – and through the mediums of film, television, and digital, to entertain and provoke conversations around social issues.

We are inspired by stories like “Gentleman’s Agreement” (Elia Kazan), “The Apartment” (Billy Wilder), “Working Girl” (Mike Nichols), “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” (Stanley Kramer), “When Harry Met Sally” (Rob Reiner) “Her” (Spike Jonze), “Twelve Years a Slave” (Steve McQueen), “Ladybird” (Greta Gerwig), “Eighth Grade” (Bo Burnham), “The Night Of” (Steve Zallian), “Chernobyl” (Craig Mazin) and “The White Lotus” (Mike White) .