‘When We First Met’ review: Adam Devine shines in this Netflix rom-com

Netflix’s new original movie When We First Met is a hilarious rom-com just in time for Valentines day!

When it comes to rom-coms, viewers are never quite sure if what they’re going to get is actually funny or just kind of corny. However, as soon as I saw the trailer for When We First Met I knew that I had to give the Netflix original a shot. And I’m really glad that I did.

Although the plot of When We First Met might not be very original, it’s written superbly and the delivery by the stars will have have viewers laughing out loud while they’re watching the film.

Adam Devine brings his usual charm and comedy to the movie while his character Noah is desperately trying to change the outcome of his relationship with his best friend. While co-stars Alexandra Daddario (Avery), Shelley Hennig (Carrie), Robbie Amell (Ethan), and Andrew Bachelor (Max) round out the cast beautifully.

The movie picks up at Avery and Ethan’s engagement party where Noah hits the alcohol a little too hard to deal with the reality of missing out on his chance with Avery. His drunkenness leads to the discovery that the photo booth his friends like to use doubles as a time machine. He’s able to travel back in time to the day he met Avery and try to change their future.

Despite knowing Avery better than anyone, Noah doesn’t get it right on the first try. In fact, he ends up trying to get advice from those around him including his best friend Max and Avery’s best friend Carrie to figure out what he needs to do to win Avery. It’s not as simple as making a move on her faster, and Noah ends up trying to change himself to better fit what he thinks Avery really wants.

Along the way Noah learns more about himself and what’s really important in life, like staying true to yourself. He also learns that just winning Avery won’t be enough to make him happy, as some of his attempts to lead to more misery than happiness.

There’s also a very interesting twist that’s thrown into the mix of the film that I won’t won’t give away. But I will say that it’s very sweet and totally unexpected. It’s this special twist that makes When We First Met stand out from other romantic comedies. And I think viewers will really appreciate the new spin on a familiar plot.

My singular criticism of the film is that it would have been nice to see a bit more of the happily ever after played out on screen. The film is actually only one hour and thirty-six minutes long, so I feel like they easily could have made it a bit longer to add in some more scenes.

However, on the whole the film is definitely a must watch for anyone that is a fan of romantic comedies. I fully plan on watching this a few times over. And I would love to see Netflix come out with even more original romantic comedies of the same caliber!