Interview with Producer Adam Saunders | Shimmer Lake

Shimmer Lake twists the conventional wisdom of storytelling on its ear by allowing the events of a small-town crime to unfold in reverse order. Working from Friday back to Tuesday, director Oren Uziel constructs a story of despair as a local Sheriff, Zeke Sikes (Benjamin Walker), works to bring to justice three criminals who robbed the local bank. Learning that one of them may just be his brother Andy (Rainn Wilson), Zeke sets off on a trail of lies and murder. With a host of suspects, twists, and revelations, how will this path ultimately lead back to Shimmer Lake?

After graduating with a BA in Drama from Duke University and an MFA in Acting from the Yale School of Drama, Adam Saunders set his sights on a career in Hollywood. As the pursuit of his craft intensified, Adam found he also had a knack for both developing and producing projects. Often the unsung hero of film, a producer fields many behind-the-scenes responsibilities that directly contribute to our favorite films, from lining up capital and casting commitments to finalizing distribution deals.

As the CEO of Footprint Features, Adam produced Shimmer Lake and explains why this was “one the best scripts I’ve ever read”. He also elaborates on the complexities of shooting a film in reverse order, assembling the all-star cast, and how their deal with Netflix ultimately came to fruition.

Footprint Features has several exciting projects lined up, not the least of which is the newly released Shimmer Lake. Don’t miss this exclusive interview with producer, Adam Saunders.

Shimmer Lake releases on Netflix June 9, 2017