Bianculli’s Best Bets: Shimmer Lake

This is a somewhat unexpected surprise little treat – a made-for-Netflix movie that’s laced with lots of comedy and comic actors, yet works effectively as a mystery drama, and has an unusual story structure as well. Shimmer Lake begins a few days after a small-town bank robbery, investigated by local police and the visiting FBI, then works its way backwards, day by day. And each day the plot goes in reverse, the more we learn about not only the bank robbery, but the characters and their respective actions and motives. Benjamin Walker stars as the sheriff, with very canny support from Rainn Wilson, Rob Corddry, John Michael Higgins, Ron Livingston, Adam Pally, and Stephanie Sigman. Orien Uziel, upgrading his resume substantially from the likes of 22 Jump Street and Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, writes and directs.